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Now that we’re in a country that doesn’t block my website, I can finally update my blog! To sum things up, we flew into London, went straight to Paris via train, chilled there for a couple days, trained down to Cote de Azur (The French Riviera) and stayed a few nights in Nice. While there we visited Cannes (the Film Festival was going on) and Monaco (2 days before the Grand Prix – bad timing!). On our final day we hung out in Nice (which is very… well… nice). Then we took the train to Marseille (kinda boring…) and flew into Madrid. Last night we wondered around a little, and this place is really happening. People are up all hours of the night. Tonight we plan on going out and being spaniards for the night. If we’re lucky we’ll see a bullfight tomorrow, then we’re flying to Rome!

Anyways, here’s a link to Michelle’s blog, for more detail on what is past:

Also, here are some pics:

I’m hoping to move all the pics to my gallery (link above) soon.

Whoaa! After years of a black & white website with no flair, I’ve decided to go hi-tech. And yes, technically is is still black & white, but it’s a prettier black & white :)

So, next week I’m leaving for Europe. I’ll be there for a month! That’s really the reason I souped up the site. Hopefully I’ll be able to write from Internet Cafes while I’m out there. I also plan on keeping this map up to date, which will detail where I’ve been, and where I plan to go! There will also be pictures in the photo gallery.

Anyways… if all goes as planned, but next post will be from the other side of the world!