So, I go swingin' so infrequently that I can't ever remember any moves. From now on, they're going here, sort of. I don't really know the names of most of the moves, so I'll probably make them up. All of these moves are from the standpoint of the male, of course. Don't use this to learn new swing moves… I'm not explaining these from a teaching standpoint… just reference.

Spanish Turn

It's starts just like the cuddle, except opposite. Take your left hand (her right) and turn it to your outside, behind her neck. Don't let go with either hand. The rest falls in place. You can follow this move up with the Cuddle, for a pretty slick combo. I think after the cuddle you should be able to do some sort of quick lean, too.


I guess I should mention this, since I just referenced it… but I doubt I'll ever forget it. With your left hand, pull her right arm around the left of her body. Don't let go with either hand. She ends up standing right beside you, and you can stay in this position for a little while, and move into another move.

Cuddle Lean

From the cuddle, while you are both standing beside each other, spin her out to the right with your right hand. Then pull her back in, back into the cuddle position, except tighter. Her feet should be together, and right up against your right foot. Your left foot should be out to the left a bit. Put your left hand on her left shoulder, and lean to the left as far as you brave, holding her at your side.

Break Her Arm

I obviously don't know what this is called, but every time I do it I think I'm going to break her arm. Start off like the Pretzel, taking your arm behind your neck and sliding away from each other. Grab her wrist before your hands meet. Now, pull her arm to the right, and twist it around her back like you're going to put a police grip on her. Instead of stopping when you're backwards, keep twisting until she's facing you again (you'll be pretty tangled up). Lean her backwards. This is good for ending a dance, as it's really hard to come out of, in rhythm.

Back Stop

While in the middle of an underarm turn, stop her midway by placing your hand behind her back, and push her back where she came from. You can do it a couple times in a row if you want to keep her on her toes (jk! :)).


Haven't done this one in a long time, so I could be all wrong. Pull her right arm to the right, like you're entering a cuddle, but in the middle of her turn, kneel on the ground, and let her continue to spin around. Place your right hand in the air, and give her the glory! This is probably best at the end of a dance, and not frequently used, as it's kinda corny :). I did it at Lauren's wedding, since she certainly deserved it!


Do an underarm turn, where she's goes past your left side. When you're coming out of it, put your hand above her head and twist her hand so she's knows to spin. She should easily be able to get at least two spins out of it in rhythm.

Double Spin

Normally during an underarm turn you have the lady do a spin on the return. If you keep your hand in the air after the spin you can prompt her to do two spins, instead of one.

Double Double

If you just can't get enough spins, you can go even further than the Double Spin. After doing two spins, take your backstep, and then do two more, followed by a backstep. You can do it in rhythm if you do a spin for each beat.

Traveling Kicks

This starts in closed position. The effect is that you walk forward while kicking. Your queue is to pull the lady in tight and kick with your left foot across her path, and she should kick with her right foot inbetween your legs. Then both of you set your feet down and kick with the opposite foot away from each other. Set your feet down and kick with the original foot in the path that you are walking, then spin her. I don't know how to time it properly.

The Catapult

Start off holding her right hand with your right hand. Then quickly turn her past your right side while still facing forward. Hold your left hand behind your back for her to grab with her left hand. You will both be facing the same direction (she'll be looking at the back of your head). This should all be accomplished quickly enough that you are able to simultaneously do your backstep together. During the backstep push her hand away from you (to your left), and then as you are leaning forward (at the end of the backstep) pull it in and forward to prompt her to spin clockwise past the left side of your body.

The Waltz

This is just like a simple 180deg (or 360deg) turn in the waltz. In closed position you can pull her close and step forward with your left foot (prompting her to step backwards with her right foot). Then you step backwards with your left foot, as she steps forward with her right, followed by the normal backstep. You should have just done a 180deg turn. You can do it twice for a full turn.


I really have no idea what we are doing here. This is a Salsa(?) move. Start off with arms crossed, right hand on top (right hand holding right, left hand holding left). Take the right hand and turn her to the right side of your body (she turns around), then bring her left hand behind your head as she turns back around. Then bring your right hand to the left side of your body as she turns backwards again, and your left to the front of your body (as she turns to face you). Basically, you stand still and flail your hands in the air while she walks around you. Oh yeah, backstep.

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