Connecting to a Remote X Session on a Linux Box

Configure the linux box

Make sure that ssh is configured to allow X11 forwarding. Edit /etc/sshd_config and make sure that the following is set

X11Forwarding yes

Install X11 on Mac OSX

There is an X11 installer on the Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) installation DVD. Install it! I think you can get it from also.


Next, run Applications/Utilities/X11. Connect via ssh to the remote box.

ssh -X user@hostname

Now launch any application, and it should appear in a rootless window on your OS X box!

Note that you can also use a remote X session, rather than X11 forwarding, but I haven't really experimented much with it.

X -query hostname

The problem with using that method is that it will launch your default window manager on top of OS X, which is pretty tacky. It might work well, though, if you want a fullscreen session. Note that in my case it was pretty slow, and I had trouble getting applications to launch.

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