• Fairly small distro (47MB download)
  • QOS (basic)
  • VPN
  • Graphing
  • Transparent proxy server
  • Intrusion detection (snort)
  • A bit too basic for my needs
  • 2.4 kernel
  • Addons available, but not centralized, and not necessarily easy to find (advanced QOS?)


  • Small download (60-70MB)
  • QOS, VPN, Graphing
  • Proxy server and IDS in packages system
  • Complex (good and bad!)
  • FreeBSD
  • So far this wins hands-down
  • QOS is hard to use and has little documentation
  • Snort (IDS) is unstable


  • Setup doesn't work with firefox
  • After applying setup I couldn't log into web admin (so I couldn't test it!)
  • Errors during boot
  • Takes a really long time to boot up


  • Wouldn't install with vmware, so used vmware image
  • Unable to log into web interface with vmware image
  • They offer a commercial version too, and the free version is crippled in some ways


  • Requires newer hardware


  • Like pfsense, but for embedded hardware
  • Nice, but not as full-featured as pfsense
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