I have a long-term plan to make a fuel injector testing/cleaning rig. But until that happens, here are some notes.


* Acetone will melt plastic, PVC, ABS. So will Seafoam. * Berrymon's fuel injector cleaner is very cheap ($4.50). It has acetone in it, but mixed 50/50 with 110 fuel it didn't cause my ketchup container to degrade. * You can get gallon pails of carb cleaner for $27.50 at the auto parts store.


I used my Korad programmable power supply to pulse the injectors (slowly: 1s). I don't know how much of a square wave it is though. I also don't like pulsing between 0-12v since a relay kicks in at about 8v. It was a hack, but it worked for this time. Note: The windows program didn't work, so I used a python library to control it.

Cleaning container

I want to use a 2” x 12”(?) pipe to hold the cleaning fluid. Then attach an air hose to one end to pressurize it. PVC and ABS won't work since the cleaning agents will break it down rather quickly. So galvanized pipe is probably a good bet. Lowes and HD will cut and thread pipe for free.

Rebuilding the injectors

Very easy. Apply a little heat to the pintile caps with a heat gun before putting them on. I used an 11mm socket to hold the pintile cap. It was very easy and required little effort.

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